Although the Lake District is an environment which can be enjoyed on its own, those visiting will be keen to find out more about some of the fantastic highlights of the area.

The following are examples of some of the amazing experiences available in the Lake District.

Lake Windermere

Even if you’ve not visited Lake Windermere before, you will have heard of it. Not only can the trip itself be taken as a lake cruise, but the southern end is home to the Lakes Aquarium, which has a large selection of freshwater fish.

Visitors to Lake Windermere can also enjoy a picnic, while the children enjoy the playground at the Victorian Fell Foot Park.

Aira Force Waterfalls

Those who enjoy a waterfall will know how mesmerising and relaxing they can be, and the Aira Force cascades are no different.

This beautiful display offers a fantastic water show in complementing surroundings, making a visit something which has to be experienced.


The reason why the Lake District is so famous can be due to its unique charm, and this is made evident in the village of Grasmere, which is located in the heart of the region.

As well as being able to discover a selection of quaint pubs and shops, visitors to Grasmere can also enjoy views that have inspired a slew of poets and writers in the past.

Coniston Boating Centre

If you’re a fan of boats, then why not consider the Coniston Boating Centre?

The beautiful background of the Lake District is partnered with luxurious blue waters which can be enjoyed by boat.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to embrace the surrounding environment at your own pace, or want a faster journey while still enjoying the tranquillity, there are a series of sailing boats, canoes and motorboats which can be hired.