Fun on your vacation!

When it’s raining there is not a lot of fun things to do and here in the UK it rains a lot. One of our partners that sponsor this site have recently opened a new online casino that we would like to recommend. So what is an online casino?

Basically it’s like a real casino but on the internet. There are many advantages with casinos online compared to land-based casinos. One big advantage is that you can play any where at any time if you have an internet connection and a device. Another advantage is that you can play a lot more casino games and you also have the possibility to choose from hundreds different casinos.


Fun entertainment

Our sponsor have started a new casino called Shadowslots Casino and we have tried it out thoroughly. The first thing we can say is that the design is really cool. It’s modern and simplistic and also it has a lot of functionality which is really good. There are a lot of different casino games to choose from at the site.

The main type of game is slot machines and it is the most popular game online right now here in the UK. The reason behind this is of course that it is a lot of fun. Another good thing compared to land based casinos is the RTP. This means Return to Player and is a percentage number.

At land based casinos this number usually is around 70% compared to online casinos that have around 96%. So your chances of winning online is a lot better. In addition to this you will also receive great bonuses when you play online.

Casinos on the internet have a lot less cost than land based which means that they can give away free money to play for. So good luck on your casino adventure!

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