When in the Cumbria Lake districts there are plenty of beautiful views and amazing nature to enjoy, but some days you might want to do some other activities to enjoy a full weeks stay the most. Here are some examples of things to do when you are in the region.


Carlisle Races

The Carlisle Racehourse is located in the Blackwell village close to the city of Carlisle. It is one of the most popular racetracks in the UK with many famous races being held each year. In June you have both the Carlisle Bell and the Eternal Stakes, and later in the year you will find ApolloBet Mares’ Chase which is part of the National Hunt racing that goes on during the winter period.

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Lake Districts Guided Walks

To get the most out of the nature experience offered in the Cumbria Lake district you almost have to go on one of the guided walks that are being offered in the area. There are many different routes to choose from depending on what you would like to see and what your physical limitations are.

You can go on a tour for a couple of hours or for a full weekend where you usually stay one night at a bed and breakfast facility along the way. The guided tours are starting around 30 GBP and goes up depending on the route. Senior and child discounts are many times given by the various companies offering the walks.

Wilderness Canoe

With all the great lakes and scenic surroundings canoeing has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Cumbria Lake Districts. It gives you a chance to combine the beautiful views with physical exercise, which is something many people visiting are appreciating. It also gives you a chance to get around and see more parts of the area. Go to our contact page if you need help to book a guided tour or a canoeing trip.